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Alongside her performance career, Siobhan is a passionate educator. Having started out in local music service and community music programmes herself, she is keen to make high quality music education accessible to all, especially those who often don't have opportunities to experience music teaching, for example, those experiencing financial difficulties, people with additional needs and those facing discrimination. Her background in languages means she also works well with those with fewer English language skills. She believes that everyone can and should sing, whether in a choir, on a stage or just in the shower, and this underpins her teaching philosophy that aims to help people find their confidence and their voice through exploring music that is fun and exciting. 

Siobhan teaches singing, songwriting, voice training and public speaking, English as a Foreign Language, and leads general group music workshops for all ages. For all enquiries please use the contact page or email and please download Siobhan's CV below for more details. She currently teaches with Cardiff and Vale Music Service and Rhondda Cynon Taf Music Service.  

Singing and Signing with Siobhan // Canu ac Arwyddo gyda Siobhan

In Spring 2021, unable to visit primary schools to lead singing workshops due to Covid-19 restrictions, Siobhan created an online workshop series for children aged 4-7 years old called "Singing and Signing with Siobhan / Canu ac Arwyddo gyda Siobhan". The 3-part series taught songs from both English and Welsh traditions using the medium of BSL to make them more accessible. The workshops were distributed to schools in South Wales in March 2021 and are now available to watch on YouTube (see below). 

Lesson / Dosbarth 1 - Heno Heno

Lesson / Dosbarth 2 - 5 Little Ducks

Lesson / Dosbarth 2 - 3 Little Birds

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